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The K-Feeder Carousel Feeder Review

My wife and I were asked to try out the new K-Feeder® Carousel Wild Bird Feeder by the guys over at Perky-Pet. You can find more information  about this feeder and their other bird products over at  It's an especially great website because they have a large selection of bird feeders in a wide range of styles and prices, and they also feature a "learning center" and a blog where you can learn more about bird species and bird feeding.

The K-Feeder® came in a large, durable corrugated cardboard package.  Because of the acrylic top, there is an extra layer of corrugated cardboard over the top to protect it and keep it from shifting inside the box during shipping.  We appreciated the styrofoam-free, 100% recyclable packaging.


To my surprise there was no assembly required.  I find things are much better built when they come directly from the factory that way, so this was very good to see.
A huge plus also is that it’s made in the U.S.A. by the Woodstream Corporation. Great to see that on side of the box.
As you pull this unit out of the box you can see a couple of things right away:  it’s well built, it’s attractive, and it’s HUGE!  The massive 16” acrylic squirrel resistant baffle takes up the entire top half of this feeder.   This should fend off even the most persistent squirrel!

 Underneath the baffle you’ll find 4 large separate seed compartments each with 2 bird feeding stations, for a total of 8 independent stations.  The durable polycarbonate components together can hold up to 5 lbs of seeds of your choice.  We were concerned that thistle might flow right through and make a mess, but even the tiny thistle seeds work properly.  The versatility is great...we can fill it with peanuts, thistle, and every size seed in between.  

                                                                       As you can tell in this shot, the 4 compartments are very large and can hold your backyard birds' favorite seeds.  Filling the K-Feeder® is a breeze with the large openings!  Here, clockwise from the left, you see shelled peanuts, niger thistle, safflower, and black oil sunflower seeds.  One nice thing about this feeder is that it can replace all your other feeders, with this nifty 4 in 1 design. This makes for a much nicer and less cluttered feeding area.

The large and easy to screw on cap makes it simple to remove the acrylic baffle for filling. Also the heavy duty metal ring is more than durable enough to handle the 5 lbs of weight of this large bird feeder when filled.  The big ring is also handy in the winter time when you're trying to handle this unit with mittens or gloves on, as you can easily remove the top with them on.  

In the field the K-Feeder® is very easy to install, with the option of mounting it on a pole that you supply, hanging it from a shepherd hook, or as you can see me here,  hanging it from a more natural place.  I love using old branches near my feeders.  Not only does it give the birds many options for perching, but also allows me to take much more natural photographs of them.   

American Goldfinch
It only took a few minutes after setting up the feeder and camera equipment before the first backyard resident showed up to the K-Feeder®. This is a good sign since normally when we set up a feeder it takes a few hours to a few days before birds are comfortable enough to start using it.

Black-capped Chickadee
Even a Starling gets into the action.

The UV treated polycarbonate base should stay nice and clear through hottest summers and the coldest winters of Wisconsin, for many years to come.

In summary, it is clear that the K-Feeder® is extremely well built and durable.  The baffle, feeder compartments, perches, and hanging ring are all thick, heavy duty materials that seem like they should hold up very well to all kinds of weather.  The clear design also makes it aesthetically pleasing and eminently practical, as it is easy to monitor the level and condition of the seed.

For more information about the K-Feeder® Carousel Wild Bird feeder, please visit Perky-Pet's web site at You can also contact them at the toll-free number of 855-PERKYPET.  (In the interest of full disclosure, Perky-Pet gave us this feeder to test, but the review is entirely our own.)

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