Wednesday, May 7

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I've been an amateur photographer for almost 30 years now. I've done some paid work but for the most part I've been taking pictures just for the love of the hobby.  I started out with some pretty modest equipment, the first camera I ever used was a borrowed high school Konica manual camera, that I would take B&W film pictures with that I was able to then develop myself with school equipment.  I eventually moved to a manual Chinon camera, the first SLR I ever owned. I really learned how to work the manual controls, training that I still use today.  I think when I moved to the Canon brand and decided to try to take my photography more seriously, I started to see how enjoyable photography could be.
I've always feel like I get into these ruts, where I can't seem to find a reason to keep shooting. I also wanted to find things to photograph that I normally wouldn't think of as a subject to photograph. Some of the great photographers take the most insufficient thing and turn it  into a prize winning picture.
I'm starting this photo blog in hope that I can broaden my photographic  horizons and turn the most insufficient thing into something sufficient.


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